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Self Service

We have nine powerful commercial washing machines to suit all load sizes;  7 x 7kg and 2 x 20kg. Our washing machines all include hot wash, coloured wash, synthetics and delicates, as well as cold wash programme options.  There are instructions on how to use the 2 new 20kg machines.

We have eight commercial dryers offering fast and economical service, capacity loads range from 11kg to 23kg. A choice of hot, medium and low temperatures are available.

Please find our price list below - you will need to bring change (20p and £1) during the unattended hours.

Our premises are clean, spacious and fitted with a comfortable customers' seating area. Newspapers are provided.

Refreshments are available at Tesco Express (two doors away) & Costa Coffee (one door away at Shell Garage).

We would like to make your time with us a pleasant experience!


Dryer & Washer Prices


7kg - £5.00 per wash - approx 30 mins

20kg - £10.00 per wash – approx 40 mins




10mins - £1.00

2 mins - 20p



7.5 mins - £1.00     

3 mins – 40p

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