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We offer a wide range of attended services at great rates. You can see the full list below, please click on the service to find out more. If you'd like to discuss your garment needs, please contact us and we'd be happy to help.

- Service Washes

- Full Shirt Service

- Ironing Service

- Sports Kits

- Duvet, Pillows, Throws

- Commercial Laundry

- Dry Cleaning

- Repairs & Alterations

- Collection & Delivery

Service Washes

Our team of professional attendants are experienced at working with a wide range of wash loads including: clothing, uniforms, sports kits, duvets, pillows, blankets, throws and sleeping bags and ensure that all of our services are delivered to a high standard.

We only use top branded powders, stain removers and conditioners. Non bio washes are also available, alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own washing products, should you wish. 


If any of your items are not suitable for the tumble dryer, we will take extra care to air dry them

Service Washes middle Image.jpg
Full Shirt Service

Whether it’s a crisp, white shirt for work, or the need to look extra smart for a special night out, we know how to get the best finish for your shirt.

Our shirt service includes washing, drying and ironing. We pay special attention to the collar and cuffs, to ensure the best finish possible.

Hanging Shirts
Ironing Service

Ironing is tricky and time consuming at the best of times. At Bubbles, we provide a full ironing service at a very competitive price for all clothing, bedding, and curtains. We use professional ironing equipment and all items are hand finished.

Ironing Service Main Image.jpg
Sports Kits

Whether it’s grass stains on your cricket whites or mud covered socks and shorts, sports kits can be tough to deal with.

We are experienced in working with all manner of sports kits and understand that care needs to be taken, maintaining colours you can be proud to wear.

Muddy Soccer
Duvets, Pillows, Throws

We all enjoy fresh sheets on our bed, yet we tend to use the same all duvets, pillows, blankets and throws. Why not try out our service for cleaning these items and feel the difference next time you jump into bed for a snooze?

Our wash and dry service is available for all sizes and materials, including hollow fibre, feather and down duvets and pillows. We also use specialist stain removers to bring out that whiteness!

Clean Bed
Commercial Laundry

We provide a variety of laundry services for businesses in the area.


You can bring us your overalls, workwear, table cloths & serviettes, kitchen & oven cloths.  Restaurants, guest houses, cleaning firms, hairdressers, sports clubs – we are here to help! We also offer a Collection & Delivery Service.

Commercial Laundry Main Image.jpg
Dry Cleaning

Our experienced staff are proficient in working with a wide range of garments, including; wedding dresses, evening gowns, throws, curtains and sofa covers. We are unable to offer this service for leather and suede items.

Dry Cleaning Main Image.jpg
Repairs & Alterations

Have you got a treasured item that needs a little TLC or an adjustment here and there? Let us help. We are proud to have a skilled and experienced seamstress as part of the Bubbles Laundry team, allowing us to offer a fast, reliable service for all garments and household items

Taking Measurments
Collection & Delivery

Bubbles Laundry offers a collection and delivery service at your home or work place.  Contact us on 01202 744016 to make arrangements.


This service is Free on orders over £20.00

Collection & Delivery Main Image.jpg
Service Washes
Full Shirt Service
Ironing Service
Sports Kits
Duvets, Pillows, Throws
Commerial Laundry
Dry Cleaning
Repairs & Alterations
Collections & Delivery
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